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Here’s another good email ad swipe you can use
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Empower Network Email Swipes

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“You Keep 100% of THIS MONEY (All of it)…”


INSTANT 100% commissions DIRECT to
YOUR bank account.

Carve out a few minutes right now and get here, no
matter what, if you’re serious about your
business and your family.

==> Money IS FLOWING to members by the Minute
The just watch this 13 minute video and you make money:

-=*=- -=*=- -=*=- -=*=- -=*=- -=*=- -=*=-
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Hello Entrepreneur,

I have NEVER experienced this kind of
response to ANYTHING I’ve ever promoted.

No doubt about it, we’ve got a tiger by the tail

==> Money IS FLOWING to members by the Minute

And it’s paying average people
100% commissions straight to their own bank account.

Those commissions are flowing daily –
– Hourly
– Even by the minute.

It’s been impacting people’s lives, one success
story at a time.

-Single moms
-Church Pastors
-Defeated network marketers

And even unemployed, and unemployable people
from all across the country…

>>> are finally making money.

Real money.
Money they control.
Money they own…

—Directly paid instantly into their OWN bank

==> Money IS FLOWING to members by the Minute

Good people are…..

-Going broke
-And feeling defeated.

Are you one of them?

Just be honest with yourself, and by doing that,
you can prepare yourself for the breakthrough
we’re prepared to help you have.

Carve out a few minutes and get here, no
matter what, if you’re serious about your
business and your family.

==> You need to get here ASAP


Because you can change the course of every-
thing with what you’ll see.

And from that moment on, with one easy
decision, you can start having money in the
form of BIG 100% commissions flowing to
YOUR bank account directly.

See you there!

P.S. This does not interfere with what
you’re already promoting BUT it will help
you make MORE money from what you’re
already doing and probably with far less people.

Step One: Watch This Video

Step Two: Plug into this training and traffic center.




How to Make Money On A Blog Without the SEO
Techno Geek Stuff – ONLY What You Need To Make Money!



Empower Network Email Swipe & Solo #2

Subject: [FIRSTNAME], Frankly I’m puzzled with you…

Email Body:


Frankly, I’m puzzled…

I’ve promoted many offers online
and some have been a little “outside the box”
but never as strange as this video.

How in the world could this have worked
as well as it has and why in the world is
it making so much money for so many losers?

Click to watch the strangest money making video ever…

Seriously, it flies in the face of almost every single
thing the “gurus” have been saying to do all these years.

Have you watch this thing?

Shoot me your opinion on why a freak show
strange video can generate over $60,000,000
in sales in only 18 months without any phone work
or home meetings…

If it was chump change, I wouldn’t be surprised
or as shocked but $60 MILLION is hard to ignore.

Click to watch it  and let me know what you
think is the reason so many people are making
money with it…

I appreciate you my friend…

(it’s gotta be better than a lame job, right?)

Talk soon,

Franco Gonzalez
www.FrancoFanPage.com <— drop me a line on facebook!

Empower Network Franco Gonzalez Coaching



  1. says

    Franco I want to thank you for so much I have learned from you. You selfless time has great value, one of the elements of success. You are a mentor to me, and so strong in your passion in this business. I see what you do and know I can too. And I will. The best to you and your family. God Bless
    Gladys Laird

  2. says

    My husband and I went to our first event in Denver and we were both inspired by your words. We are grateful for all the training we gained from you.

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